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Now, have a look at the biggest handguns. They're chambered for 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum, 500 S&W Magnum, and so on - all massive cartridges that require not only a sturdy handgun to absorb their energy during ignition, but a heavy one to help absorb some of their recoil. The Handgun Recoil Equation. We measure recoil energy in foot-pounds (ft. LCR 9 vs 357 recoil? Recently bought an LCR 9 and am thinking on selling/trading it. I prefer to load and shoot without the clips and it just doesn't have it. My Smallest 357 is the K6S which is kind of fantastic and recoil to a junkie like me just feels good, unlike maxed out 45 loads from my redhawk which really get my blood pumping Answer (1 of 11): This is one of those subjective things. If You aren't used to recoil, are afraid of it because You have no experience with it, have a poorly designed or really light gun, then yes! A .357 can have a lot of recoil. If You put a hot load in one of the really compact and light weig.. Shooting .357 Magnum in a GP100 is rather pleasant. There's some snap, but it's almost mild. Shooting .38 Special is a breeze. For a lower recoil 9mm, you should give the Walther CCPM2 a try. The gas retarded slide on that model takes the recoil snap out of the lighter weight 9mm Can't find 9mm or .357 in the right load? There's always .38+P, and with a 5in. barreled 686-2 the ballistics are comparable with the right round. Can't lug around a long L-frame? You can't beat a SIG239 or 225 and couple spare magazines. Owning a 9, .44, .357, and .45 covers all the handgun calibers and some in between

My son shooting different calibers 9mm, 40 Cal, 45 Cal and 357 Magnum. Guns used were Ruger P89DC 9mm, Bersa Thunder Pro 40 Cal, Charles Daly 1911 A1 45 ACP. The Pow'RBall actually fragmented. Compared to the 9mm Pow'RBall, the 357 version showed 2 inches greater penetration with a 60 fps velocity advantage. This load demonstrated the lightest recoil of any Magnum load. 357 Magnum Cor-Bon 110-grain JHP SD357-110, $25/20. This is another 110-grain load, but one with a far different performance. Shooting a couple of Ruger SP101 Revolver's, comparing the .357 Magnum vs 9mm variant which is no longer in production, but has a model KSP-921. Comparing t.. I obviously won both, but the 357 magnum was far more efficient, and would have done better in the second than the 45acp. After the second fight, I went back to the 357 mag. I, in 20 years of L.E. experimented with all law enforcement rounds, except the 41 magnum. The 44 magnum was too much, and the 9mm was way too little

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  1. Recoil shy know which side they take in the .380 vs 9mm debate and the lack of kick it's no small advantage to them. Flinch is a bear to tame, but less likely in tamer cartridges. Since accurate hits carry more weight than other variables, anything enhancing it—even if it's for a certain segment—has to be counted as a plus
  2. Third, One Stop Shot percentage for 125gr 357 mag is 87%-96% vs 80%-88% for 9mm +P (Stopping Power by E Marshall and E Sanow). I would agree that KE for 9mm +P and 357 mag can be similar for some loads and barrel lengths
  3. I have a Taurus 905, 9mm snubby; and a Taurus .327 Fed Mag snubby with factory bobbed hammer. Both are uncomfortable to shoot with full power ammunition. I have a Ruger snub LCR .357 and it's no cream puff to shoot with full power ammo, either

Compared: .357 Mag. Revolver, a good revolver has obvious advantages over a typical recoil operated autoloader, such as the Model 1911, Relatively fat, short, quick expanding bullets along the lines of the 9mm/115 grain, .357/125 grain and .45/200 grain JHPs provide good stopping power against relatively flimsy human beings,. The .357 Mag can do anything I need a pistol to do, and they are just plain fun to shoot. Reloading the .357 Mag is far cheaper than reloading the .44 Mag, and that means a lot nowadays. Having a 686 Smith and Wesson and a Marlin 1894 both in .357 Magnum is one of the most practical pistol rifle combinations there is The Trooper is a good solid revolver that can easily handle the recoil of a .357 Magnum round. However, you're likely going to have to find it on the used market. Best Large Frame Revolvers. These revolvers weigh between 25 to 60 oz. empty depending on the materials used to make the revolver The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare 9mm Luger (Parabellum) vs .327 Federal Magnum ammo rounds. Please note, the following information reflects the estimated average ballistics for each caliber and does not pertain to a particular manufacturer, bulle

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If the .45 Colt was born to be big and slow (for maximum effect on organic targets), the .357 Magnum was, at least in terms of ballistic philosophy, intended to be the exact opposite. Law. Traditionally, the .357 magnum has a long track record of a mini-hand cannon for personal defense. In mark3smle test you can see the .357 penetration at 22 inches. The 10mm is a newcomer in the hunting world, but has become a big player in the market for bear hunters or anyone needing extra power. The 10mm penetration was around 16 inches .357 Magnum vs .38 Special comparison. The .38 Special and .357 Magnum are both rimmed, centerfire cartridges commonly used in revolvers. Except for case length, the .38 and .357 are virtually identical. .38 cartridges can be fired from revolvers chambered for the .357, but the converse is not.. The Ruger Match Champion in the photo above is a 357 Magnum revolver we shoot 38 special out of. It is compatible with 357 Magnum firearms. But never, under any circumstances load 357 Magnum in a firearm chambered solely for 38 Spl. That's a good way to lose a hand. Takeaway. The 9mm is king for a reason

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  1. The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare .327 Federal Magnum vs .357 Magnum ammo rounds. Please note, the following information reflects the estimated average ballistics for each caliber and does not pertain to a particular manufacturer, bullet weight, o
  2. It doesn't outperform 9mm in credible ballistic tests, it costs more, the mags hold less ammo, and (I've seen this happen) if you're not paying attention you might buy .357 Magnum ammo on accident for your .357 Sig. In my opinion, in the case of 9mm vs. .357 Sig, 9mm is the clear winner
  3. Testing some Buffalo Bore low recoil/low flash ammunition is .357 Mag and 9mm. The .357 Mag is a 140 gr XTP and the 9mm is a 147 gr XTP. Always appreciative.
  4. You might think that .357 bullets can be used in any 9mm gun, but they are not compatible. As a shooter who has dealt with this question often on the firing range, you should know first hand how important it is to use proper ammo for your firearm. A .357 Magnum cartridge will work in revolvers designed and made to fire .38 Special or 44 Mag.
  5. Comparing a .357 Magnum to a 9mm handgun is quite a statement. The .357 Magnum Desert Eagle comes standard with a six-inch barrel, and has an overall length of 10.75 inches. Because the pistol's.
  6. My G33 in .357 SIG is distinctly snappier in recoil than its 9mm twin, the G26, but it's more challenging than unpleasant. By contrast, when I carry my 14-ounce S&W M&P340 revolver, it's loaded with .38 Special +P ammo because the damn thing hurts with .357 Magnum loads
  7. I compared the 125gr .357 Federal JHP to the 124 GR Federal Hydra Shok JHP, as these are probably the most similar. The .357 is out of a 2 inch and the 9mm is out of a 4 inch. For the .357, the velocity is 949 fps and the energy is 250 ft-lbs. For the 9mm, the velocity is 1061 fps and the energy is 309 ft-lbs

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Cartridges like .357 SIG, 357 Magnum, 10mm Automatic and 44 Magnum have significant recoil - and often a large muzzle flash/blast which will make you easy to spot in dim light. My recommendations for average shooters are: 9mm. The 9mm used to be much maligned by LEOs and self-defense instructors The Ruger LCR in 357 is a little heavier than the 38 spl model and will have a little less recoil using the 38 spl loads. The SP101 is also available in a 3 barrel. The LCR and SP101 would be easier to conceal than a 4 or 6 revolver. You might want to look at some of the compact 9mm semi auto pistols. There are quite a few to choose from The 357 Magnum's smaller 9mm bullet mushroomed slightly to .54 inches and traversed 22 inches of gel. Both 357 Magnum tracts showed inch-wide cavities out to the first nine inches of the block 357 vs 9mm is comparison that features two of the more popular and well - known cartridges. Both are entrench in culture and known to those who are pretty far removed from the shooting world in general. In this article, we are going to put ballistic and other performance specs of these two cartridges next to each other

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The 9mm vs. The .357 SIG. In this article I will be comparing two kinds of similar but very different handgun calibers: the 9×19 Parabellum and the .357 SIG. Both were designed for semi-automatic handguns, both use a projectile that has a diameter of 355/1000 of an inch, and with modern bullet designs, i.e. jacketed hollow points (JHPs) and jacketed soft points (JSPs) both can be great man. 9mm vs 45 vs 40: Recoil Control. .40 S&W, for example, a 155-grain JHP at 1,200 fps or a 165-grainer at 1,140 fps are similar in power to a 158-grain .357 Magnum revolver load at 1,210 fps. This makes them particularly snappy and, as agencies such as the U.S. Border Patrol discovered,. The recoil of .44 Mag is much more compared to that of .357 Mag because it can take heavier bullets and it also transfers into more energy and pressure. When the weight of the .44 Mag decreases, so does its penetration and at 200 grams, it works quite similar to the standard size .357 Mag. Recoil The new Smith & Wesson Model 66-8 is basically the same K-frame recipe with a slight muzzle heavy feel than fans believe is the perfect way to balance the 357 Magnum recoil. Unlike the original, the 66-8 comes with a two-piece barrel with a shroud to reduce engineering costs and increase accuracy thanks to the inherent tension in the system

This led the Texas-based company to introduce two more affordable alternatives to their main line: The Rowdy, chambered in the 45 Colt/410 that's most often associated with Bond Arms, and the Roughneck, available in 38 Special/357 Magnum, 45 Automatic, or 9mm Luger like the subject of this piece Drop the bullet weight in the 9mm though and recoil also goes down. The ultra-lightweight 50 to 80 grain 9mm loads are very soft shooting. Even so, I give the edge to the 5.7x28mm. Two areas where the 5.7x28mm Ruger 57 and FN Five-seveN have an advantage over a 9mm, like this Glock, are recoil impulse and magazine capacity

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Some of the more popular defensive handguns, including the snub nose .38 and the compact 9mm, have more recoil than some are willing to master. Others such as the .357 Magnum are a bear to fire in lightweight handguns. Load selection is critical. A heavy bullet load at +P pressure isn't a good choice for a lightweight handgun The ability to carry more rounds per magazine (9mm vs. .357 SIG) in a lighter gun were among the stated reasons for the change. That transition was suspended after recruits in the A-2014 class, the first to train with the new S&W M&P 9mm polymer handguns, experienced numerous malfunctions with those weapons The .357 Magnum cartridge will not headspace in a revolver chambered solely for the .38 Special because Another interesting conversion option for 9mm-chambered 1911s is to ream the chamber. Recoil.38mm Special offers low recoil when compared to the 9mm Luger. Bothe these cartridges have lesser recoil as compared to other cartridges like .40 S&W. This video compares the recoil of common handguns including the 22LR, .380 ACP, 9mm parabellum, .45 ACP, .357 Magnum and 38SPC

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The 9mm is underpowered next to the 357 Magnum, but has more energy than the +P 38 Specials. I think this is fully understood in the shooting world. It is interesting though that the 380 ACP now being highly touted as a good, albeit low end self-defense round, does not meet the energy of the +P 38 Specials 30-30 vs 357 in a lever gun. 06-24-2016, 15:20. In the words of Gunblast writer Jeff Quinn Quote: The 357 Magnum out of a carbine barrel is a whole different animal than the same cartridge fired from a four or six inch revolver. The combination of a sealed breech and long barrel really brings the efficient little cartridge to life, and it can. I was asked why someone would consider a .44 special over the .357 magnum for carry or general defense. Lets take a look at a few numbers first..44 special. 180 gr XTP bullet with 10.7 gr of VV N350 will clock you about 1173 fps. Not too shabby. That is 549 foot pounds of energy from a .44 diameter bullet The argument has always been big bullets versus small bullets and low velocity versus high. It's all a trade off—you cannot have both high velocity and a big bullet because you're right back to the .44 Magnum. The .40 S&W was built as a compromise cartridge to offer more power than the 9mm, with less recoil and more capacity than the .45

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Compared with the Remington Magnum ammo, the 10×25mm is smaller ammo that can be fired with regular semi-auto pistols, unlike the magnum rounds that are designed for revolvers. It could have done well in tests such as 10mm vs. 45 acp, 357 vs. 10mm, and 40 vs 10mm ammo It is while firing a number of rounds of magnum ammo, as in these velocity and accuracy tests, that a person quickly comes to appreciate the recoil-dampening effects of the Tracker's rubber stocks and barrel porting. Of course, I can't be expected to test a .357 Mag. DA revolver without doing a bit of defensive speed shooting -P226 Tacops 9mm-P229 9mm-P229 40SW w/ 357 Sig barrel-P238 (technically the wife's gun) -P320 Compact 9mm-P365 I have heard a lot of people say they think the recoil of 357 SIG is more manageable than that of .40 S&W. I had to buy those grip baseplates for the mags, it felt cheap (I know, it's a Glock - it's how they are). 45 ACP vs 9mm: Recoil. The 9mm Luger has approximately half the felt recoil of the 45 ACP, and this is the third major point of debate in the 9mm vs 45 ACP battle. The 9mm cartridge fires a lighter bullet at a higher velocity, whereas the 45 ACP fires a heavier bullet at slower velocities 9mm vs .40 S&W. There's a lot of There's just less recoil energy to absorb and control in a 9mm round. many .40 S&W pistols don't last as long as their 9mm counterparts. Magazine.

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Recoil: 0.76. Power Rank: 3.36 of 7. The .357 SIG is a necked down 10mm, or a a necked down .40 S&W depending on how you want to look at it. This round was created back in 1994 not so very long ago, and was designed by SIG-Sauer. (thats where the name comes from). The .357 Sig is a very fast round much faster than the 380, 9mm, 40, 10mm,45 ACP. .357 Magnum.357 Magnum is the first caliber on this list that can start to be no fun to shoot, particularly with small revolvers. As you'll see in the stats below, there's a big jump in its velocity and energy compared to other calibers. You can also shoot .38 Special in .357 Magnum revolvers, but you can NOT shoot .357 in a revolver. .38 Special actually came way before .357 Magnum and despite the drastic performance differences between the two, .38 Special is still incredibly popular due to its more manageable recoil. We firmly believe that every gun owner needs at least one .357 Magnum in their safe

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LCR 9 vs 357 recoil? It hit the scene in 1994 as an answer in search of a question. .357 Magnum Vs 9mm: Melee Of The Medium Bores. My Smallest 357 is the K6S which is kind of fantastic and recoil to a junkie like me just feels good, unlike maxed out 45 loads from my redhawk which really get my blood pumping Recoil 357 Magnum Vs 9mm Free PDF eBooks. Posted on January 13, 2016. Brochure FX Marking Cartridges .38 and 9 mm - Simunition .357 Magnum is five or six rounds, and that hard hitting round remains popular for self-defense. and master the recoil of your handgun is the only way. While the .357's recoil may inhibit accurate rapid fire more than a 9mm or .38 Special, the substantial damage it can cause with a well-placed first shot may negate the need for extra rounds. Most shooters can master the .357 Magnum's recoil in a stout medium frame revolver such as Ruger's GP-100 357 Magnum Vs 9mm Recoil 357 Magnum Vs 9mm Recoil On 357 Magnum Vs 9mm Recoil Sale . For folks who are seeking 357 Magnum Vs 9mm Recoil review. We have more information about Detail, Specification, Customer Reviews and Comparison Price. I would like recommend that you always check the cost. [] To get a cheap price or whole lot

Shop for 357 MAGNUM VS 9MM RECOIL - 38acp Vs 9mm Ads Immediately . Free shipping and returns on 357 MAGNUM VS 9MM RECOIL - 38acp Vs 9mm Online Wholesale for you buy it today ! Leapers Deluxe Tactical Vest with Quick Draw Holster Pouch and Belt ON SALE PVC-V547. Best Rated Product. Fully Adjustable in Girth and Length. If you searching to check 357 MAGNUM VS 9MM SPECS - 357 Recoil Vs 9mm 357 MAGNUM VS 9MM SPECS - 357 Recoil Vs 9mm price 357 magnum vs 9mm. 542020 If the 38 Special was a low-velocity round compared to the 9mm this would be a problem. 142021 Cartridges like 357 SIG 357 Magnum 10mm Automatic and 44 Magnum have significant recoil and often a large muzzle flashblast which will make you easy to spot in dim light I thought we were talking about 9mm. I agree .357 magnum would have similar ballistics as .30 carbine, both shot from carbines. With .30 carbine still being the more powerful round. But again, .357 mag is nearly twice the power of 9mm 357 Mag Vs 9mm Recoil If you are looking for Seeley 357 Mag Vs 9mm Recoil Yes you look this. online shopping has now in imitation of a long way; it has misused the artifice consumers and entrepreneurs complete event today. It hasn't wiped out the idea of shopping in a creature store, but it gave the consumers an alternative means to shop and a greater than before puff that offers hornady.

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Find Federal Hydra Shok for sale at Omaha Outdoors, the best online firearms and outdoor gear site. You can buy Federal Hydra Shok online with confidence at the best price on our website. At Omaha Outdoors, purchase Federal Hydra Shok from a trusted source 100+ EPIC Best 38 Special Vs 9mm Recoil Which Round For Self Defense Concealed Nation. State Your Case 9mm Vs 38 Special The Truth About Guns. 38 Special Vs 9mm Difference And Comparison Diffen. Recoil Comparison Pistol Competition Cartridges

Plus, 38 Special ammo in standard and +P loadings can be used in a 357 Magnum as a low-recoil alternative when training or plinking. We wanted to see if we could find a bargain in a full-size revolver with a 4-inch barrel that we could use for personal protection, and we came across two such contenders, a Smith & Wesson Model 19-4 that rated about 90 to 95 percent and a Colt Trooper MK III. Colt .357 Magnum Python. One of the most recognizable Magnum revolvers of all time, and the certified best way to take down walkers, the Colt Python deserves its reputation. Infamous for its use in pop-culture as the Magnum, this revolver is far from just being flair and movie magic The recoil from a .45 is different than it is from a .357 Magnum. The best way I can describe it is that the .45 spreads the recoil out over a longer time, so it's more like a long shove. The .357 ramps up to maximum recoil more quickly, and can be more like an abrupt smack .357 Magnum. This is the caliber where it can start to really become difficult to shoot. The big step up in energy can result in pretty significant felt recoil, particularly when shooting .357 out of a lightweight revolver. Typically, it's fine to shoot .38 special out of a .357 magnum firearm

9mm Vs 38 Special Ballistics 101. 38 Special Vs 9mm Recoil. State Your Case 9mm Vs 38 Special The Truth About Gun All of the .357 Magnum loads I tested, including those from Black Hills, Hornady, Remington and Sig Sauer, ran just fine. Coonan Compact Testing. Shooting the Compact was an even bigger surprise. After the first magazine, my thought was What happened to the recoil

.357 is the measurement of the bore of a gun. .357 Magnum is the name for a particular rimmed cartridge that uses .357 bullets. There are other cartridges using the same size bullet, but they are. 無料ダウンロード 38 Special Vs 9mm Recoil 9mm Vs 40 Caliber How The Cartridges Compare. State Your Case 9mm Vs 38 Special The Truth About Guns. 38 Special Vs 9mm Difference And Comparison Diffen. Recoil Comparison Pistol Competition Cartridges. Not only does the 9mm will have less recoil, but it also provides better stability for follow-up shots giving you improved accuracy. 9mm rounds are preferred for self-defense and accuracy while 10mm rounds are preferred for magnum load energy and damage. 9mm VS 10mm Ammo Compared The 9mm Strengths and Weaknesse

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Take a Hike With Best-Selling Hiking Gear Best-Selling Hiking Gear Best-Selling Hiking Gear If you trying to find special discount you may need to searching when special time come or holidays .357 SIG History. The .357 SIG was designed to answer a different problem. Complaints with the 9mm revolved around the caliber. The systems — GLOCK, SIG and Beretta service pistols — were solid.. But agencies still using the .357 Magnum revolver did not wish to give up their unequaled wound potential.. The magnum offers excellent penetration against sheet metal

What is the Difference Between .357 SIG and Magnum? The .357 SIG round was designed to replicate and replace the ballistics of the .357 Magnum for semi-automatic pistols. Essentially, the .357 SIG is a round that uses the same sized bullet as a 9mm round but in a cartridge casing that is similar to a .40 caliber case 100+ EPIC Best 38 Special Vs 9mm Recoil Which Round For Self Defense Concealed Nation. State Your Case 9mm Vs 38 Special The Truth About Guns. 38 Special Vs 9mm Difference And Comparison Diffen. Recoil Comparison Pistol Competition Cartridges. For mid-sized pistols I like .40 S&W which tends to cut the difference in capacity, ammunition cost, projectile mass, and muzzle velocity between 9mm and .45 pretty nicely. For compact or subcompact pistols I tend to favor 9mm due to recoil considerations in the smaller, lighter guns, and the magazine capacity limitations Some of the more popular defensive handguns, including the snub nose .38 and the compact 9mm, have more recoil than some are willing to master. Others such as the .357 Magnum are a bear to fire in lightweight handguns. Load selection is critical. A heavy bullet load at +P pressure isn't a good choice for a lightweight handgun

357 Magnum Ammo Vs 38 Special. About 357 Magnum Ammo Vs 38 Special. If you are not founding for 357 Magnum Ammo Vs 38 Special, simply look out our info below : Recent Posts. Twitch Chromecast Stutter. Computer is a i7-4770 with an. Sep 22 , 2015. It notched a score of .357 Magnum, 125 grain: 583 ft-lbs..41 Magnum, 210 grain: 705 ft-lbs..44 Magnum (reduced load), 210 grain: 729 ft-lbs. The most common rounds used by law enforcement these days (9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP) range between 345 and 534 ft-lbs. If the .45 +P is thrown out, the difference is less than 150 ft-lbs., which is not substantial Search: 357 Magnum Vs 9mm Ballistics Gel. If you are not founding for 357 Magnum Vs 9mm Ballistics Gel, simply cheking out our info below 38 Special Vs 9MM. Besides for being compared to .357 Magnum, the .38 Special is often interchanged with the common 9X19mm Parabellum (also known as 9mm Luger). This latter cartridge has grown in popularity every year since its inception in 1902 and is currently the most popular military handgun ammo. The Taurus 1911 uses 9mm

40 vs 9mm Recoil. Shooting the .40 caliber round has more recoil as compared to shooting a 9mm round. The build for the .40 round is shorter and wider, which means that it packs more pressure as compared to the 9mm Refine by Caliber: 357 Magnum 40 S&W. Refine by Caliber: 40 S&W 45 Auto. Refine by Personal Defense Hydra•Shok Low Recoil 357 Magnum. PD357HS2 H. $35.99 Currently Unavailable Personal Defense Hydra•Shok Low Recoil 9mm Luger. PD9HS5 H. $30.9 It succeeds in the function of rapidly delivering six screaming .357 magnum bullets to the target like no other before. You won't believe you're even shooting a .357 magnum. Honest. A combination of grip angle and firing from the lower chamber translates to low recoil, even shooting .357 loads. The Rhino is accurate too ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ If you searching to check on 357 Magnum Recoil Vs 9mm price. This item is extremely nice product. Buy Online keeping the vehicle safe transaction. If you are searching for read reviews 357 Magnum Recoil Vs 9mm price. We would recommend this store in your case. You will get 357 Magnum Recoil Vs 9mm cheap price after confirm the price