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In the Decimal separator box, enter the desired character such as a decimal or period (.). In the Thousands separator box, enter the desired character such as a comma (,). Click OK. Below is the Options dialog box where Use system separators has been turned off and a decimal and comma have been entered as separators The second thing to notice is that the Replace function is used to first replace all commas with a vertical bar, then all periods with commas, and finally all vertical bars with periods. This approach is necessary because you are essentially swapping periods and commas in the text Depending on what your defaults are, one of these fields should have a comma in it. Replace it with a period/dot and click OK at the bottom of the window to complete the change If you simply need to replace comma to point, dot to comma, semicolon to comma, etc. in the Excel spreadsheet, check How to change comma to decimal point and vice versa in Excel. To change Excel options for decimal separators, do the following: 1. On the File tab, click the Options button I tried the approach where you make this formula in Excel. =SUBSTITUTE (A4;,;.)+0. Which should, i'm assuming, get cell A4, change comma into period and then by adding 0 convert to number. My original number is 17.6, now i'm getting 41807. excel comma period

Click «HOME»-«Find and Select»-«Replace» tool (or press CTRL + H). In the window that appears, enter a decimal point in «Find what:» field, and a comma in the second «Replace width:» field. Then click «Replace All». Select 3 columns D: F again and change the format of the cells to «Number» (or press hot keys CTRL+SHIFT+1) In the video I demonstrate two ways of achieving this in Excel. Method 1: Text to Columns. The first method uses Text to Columns. To use this method follow these steps. Select the cells that contain the values you want to convert. Select the Data tab on the Ribbon. Click the Text to Columns button in the Data Tools group or you may just use the find and replace command. select all cells that you want to replace. select the find and replace command. put the dash character - in the find what box, and in the replace with box, put the period character. then select replace all. thanks

Have you tried setting the decimal separator options in Excel? In Tools > Options > International Tab 1/. uncheck use system separators 2/. set Decimal separator . Thousands separator , 3/. Import your file 4/. check use system separators No need to change the separators back as they were, leave them as your second choice Windows settings. To switch between comma or semicolon as separator, follow the next steps. 1. Open your Windows settings. 2. Select the Time & Language menu. Windows Setting. 3. Then select Region & language > Additional date, time & regional settings For some reason, Germans switch commas and decimal points (eg 700.000,00). As a result, my American excel program on my American machine does not recognize the numbers properly. And as far as I know, I can only Find/Replace either the comma or the period, and do the other manually, because once I fix one, then for example, I'll have periods for both commas AAND decimal points Click File > Options, then in the Excel Options dialog, click Advanced from left pane, then in the right section, the Editing options group, uncheck Use system separator, then type comma into the Decimal separator box to instead of the decimal point, and type decimal point to the Thousand separator box to replace the comma

Click File > Options. On the Advanced tab, under Editing options, clear the Use system separators check box. Type new separators in the Decimal separator and Thousands separator boxes. Tip: When you want to use the system separators again, select the Use system separators check box Remove Trailing Commas Excel. Excel Details: Excel Replace Trailing Comma With Period.Excel Details: Excel remove last or trailing comma in a cell.Excel Details: Select a blank cell to output the text after removing the trailing comma.In this case, I select D3. 2. Enter the below formula into it and press the Enter key. trailing comma python › Verified 2 days ago › Verified 1 days ago. A column of currency ended up with commas for both the thousands separator and the decimal point! How can you replace the last comma

For the numbers with three decimal places, I did not replace the comma with a period, but I deleted the comma and left it as an integer. Then try Python with the Pandas library, with these commands: comas_por_puntos = [float(x.replace(',','.')) for x in bd_df['col_1']] col_1.convert_objects(convert_numeric = True Solution: The following formula works a treat when substituting for commas. =SUBSTITUTE (B1,)*1. Where B1 is the cell in which we have the text and we want to eliminate comma ,. The returned result is text hence we multiply it with 1 to get a numeric value If you need to change the separator in Excel without changing system options, please see Change the decimal point to a comma or vice versa. To change system settings, do the following: 1. Open Control Panel.. See How to open Control Panel in Windows 8. See How to open Control Panel in Windows 10. 2

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Professionally working in Excel peopleoften face the need to replace the comma (,) with a period (.). Most often this is due to the editing of English-language localization files, since abroad a single standard implies using a period as a decimal number separator, while we have a comma Hi Mukul, This is s user specific setting and you can easily set it for your ID by doing the following: Go to t-code SU3. Go to Defaults tab. Set the value for 'Decimal Notation' from the dropdown value that meets your requirement. Regards, Saumya. Add a Comment. Help to improve this answer by adding a comment

Kutools for Excel supports another utility of Split Cell utility to help us extract both text before space/comma and text after space/comma, and output them into different cells. Please do as follows: Kutools for Excel - Includes more than 300 handy tools for Excel. Full feature free trial 30-day, no credit card required! Free Trial Now replace comma by dot. Learn more about m, retag, decimal radix, decimal point, decimal comma, radix poin Fortunately this is a setting that you can modify so that your spreadsheet numbers look the way that you want them to. Our tutorial below will show you where to find and change this setting in Excel 2013. How to Switch Decimal Separators from Periods to Commas in Excel 2013. The steps in this article were performed in Microsoft Excel 2013 Change the Decimal Symbol to a period . and the List separator to a comma ,. If Excel was open while you were applying this change, you will have to close and open again. Now you'll notice that the formula help indicates a comma and not a semicolon. This also affects formulas used in SharePoint Calculated Columns, so careful when.

Answer (1 of 5): If you want to change the default format from millions to lakhs, you can change the Region and Language settings to English (India). To do this: Go to Control Panel Region and Language Settings and change the format from English (United States) to English (India) -> And. Re: Excel Online - Change default decimal separator. @srivasinstax. Excel Online takes separators in accordance to regional settings for your OneDrive/SharePoint site where the file is kept. Please try to change your locale here. If you are on business account that's within site settings, for personal one within your account so i made a code below that replaces a , comma with a . period on the selected cells. would it be possible to just replace the , when its position is its the 2nd or 3rd last character in the value of the cell. for example: cell value is 1234,5 when replaced would be 1234.5. cel value is 1234,56 when replaced would 1234.56

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  1. If you have a need to normalize the appearance of your data, you might want to replace any dashes in a text string with periods. For instance, if you have a phone number such as 123-555-1212 you might want to change it to 123.555.1212
  2. So you could change the decimal separator from comma to point or point to comma at this level. Just note that it will affect all your programs (Excel, Access etc) You can customise the decimal symbol directly in Excel though. If you are wary of changing your regional settings, then you can change it directly in Excel
  3. Manage Styles - Dimensions - ( expand and pick the appropriate style) - Units (tab) - Units (zone) - Decimal Marker (dropdown list of two: decimal or comma.) #1. I followed your idea and lets say one of ALL my Dimension styles had a comma. DEFUALT(ISO). I changed that from comma to a period and it worked
  4. Excel VBA convert CSV to Excel When you open a CSV file in Excel, you can see all columns are delimited by comma, you don't have to define which character you want to use to delimit the row. It is because the default delimiter of comma is configured at Windows level, all Windows applications (including Excel) will use the same default

Unlike previous versions, Excel 2010 inserts point on numeric keypad DEL button instead of comma, this post covers how to map comma with Numeric keypad DEL button. To begin, head over to Excel Options from File menu, under Advanced options, disable Use System separators option and then place comma ( , ) in Decimal Separator box as shown in the screenshot below You are using US standards for number formatting, which takes the dot (period) as a decimal separator and comma for thousands separator. In this case, if you use comma in the format string, it will apply to the distinguishing of thousands, not decimal position Changing decimal separator in charts (comma to dot) In most (maybe all) European languages other than English, a comma is used as a decimal separator where in English there is a dot. So the German version of Microsoft has the comma as the default decimal separator. It is possible to change this in Excel and have the dot as the decimal separator Hi, I want to change the local decimal separator voor Valuta in our dutch version being changed from comma to a point. I tried to do it by change the reginonal settings to English (VS) and to make an advanced setting in the value of ###.## Still it shows as in the picture'

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  1. In the first one you'll change the thousands separators (the existing periods) to something other than a period or a comma. In the second one you'll change the decimal comma to a decimal point. In the third one you'll then change the neutral character you used in the first find and replace to the commas. Here's a way you can do the steps
  2. This is normal. Europe uses comma instead of decimal but in calculations it means the same. I can tell you how to convert it from one to other. Select the column, then go to Text to Column , click Next till you are on Step 3 of 3. Click on Advanced
  3. It looks like during the replacement part of its operation, Excel ignores the formatting of the cell the value came from so when it substitutes the comma, it sees 9,153 and recognizes that as a number with a thousand's separator, and place the numerical value (9153) back into the Text formatted cell
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i want it in the following code: Dim xlApp As Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Application = Nothing Dim xlWorkBooks As Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Workbooks=Nothin In the Attachment you can find a small example. In the example there are two numbers and one is forced into a period and the other into a comma. When you wire multiple inputs to the function, you also need to configure all of the inputs in the format string. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask them. Cheers, Nico Lammen This is when I have to use regular expressions, so I can target the right strings, and only replace commas when I want to. In my cells, I'm going to look for a comma, followed by 3 numbers Comma Style in Excel - Example # 2. In the below-mentioned example, I have monthly sales data of a company, which contains retail, online & vendor sales numbers on a monthly basis, in this raw sales data, it contains both positive & negative values.Currently, the appearance of the sales data is without any number format applied to it Format Chart Labels For Numbers With Commas. I know from searching through the internet you can change the intervals by modifying the minimumScale, maximumScale and MajorUnit fields of TickLabels. What I want to do is change the period of the axis label to a comma. For example

Answer (1 of 7): I run into this situation often when I get data from non-US companies. Most use commas as the decimal separator and occasionally I see some with periods used as thousands separator. For me the easiest fix has been this Select the column of the offending values, or range within.. From Windows, choose Start, Settings, Control Panel and Regional Options. Select the Date tab. In the Date separator box, change the slash (/) to a period (.). Click Apply and OK. This is the way we can change the slash separator in date with period in Microsoft Excel 2010 and 2013 So, these are my methods to switch first and last names in Excel with a comma or without a comma. Even I have shown how to switch names with three or more parts. If you have any specific problems, let us know in the comment section. We shall try to give you a solution. Thanks for reading our blog. Happy Excelling Hi again,I want to set at my textbox,so that if user enter the number with comma instead of dot,the comma will automatically be changed into my default format(dot).for example,if user type in (86,5),the value will be converted to (86.5). I have rea And to change the (,) comma back to (.) dot - Press [Shift] [SF] and enter 28. Note: CF is key to clear flag and SF is the key to set flag. On the HP 41c, the SF is on the 7 key and CF is on the 8 key. Shown below are pages from the HP 41c Operating Manual on topics of Flags

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Excel does not recognize 1,5 as a number. I have to manually go to the cell and give it an edit and return without changing the value. Only then excel sees it as 1,5 hours. When I put 1.25 hours in my textbox excel recognizes it as 1,25 hours. I have also a spinner box that adds every time 0,25 hours to the textbox How to Customize Numbers Format on Windows 10. Are you interested in how to change the decimal symbol in numbers on your Windows 10 PC from period to comma? Have you ever wondered how to make the leading zero automatically hide in numbers? To realize these operations, you can go to customize numbers format, referring to the following steps

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You might want to learn how to change the decimal separator in Excel 2013 if you are finding that your workplace or school requires you to use something else to identify a decimal, such as a comma. This is a situation that can occasionally come up when you are formatting a spreadsheet that will be read and viewed by others, so it is useful to know where to go to make this change Viv has a worksheet that contains lots of product descriptions. She needs a way to replace all the spaces between words with dashes. She knows she could use Find and Replace, but would prefer to use a formula to do the replacements. Perhaps the easiest way to accomplish this task, using a formula, is to rely on the SUBSTITUTE function Excel conversions Sometimes you need to load excel data form e.g. a CSV file, where numbers, currencies are specified using a different delimiter than you regional one. If you do it blind, you'll end up with text columns instead of numbers and you'll need fancy ways to replace the delimiters The tutorial explains how to split cells in Excel using formulas and the Split Text feature. You will learn how to separate text by comma, space or any other delimiter, and how to split strings into text and numbers. Splitting text from one cell into several cells is the task all Excel users are dealing with once in a while The tabular function will return the result set in a row-column format from the comma-separated string. 1. SELECT * FROM split_string('1001,1002,1003,1004', ',') Recent versions of SQL Server provide a built-in function string_split () to do the same task with the input parameters of the input string and delimiter

Use find/replace comma to dot within Excel and the columns with your numbers; Use a third party program to handle your CSV files. Either to replace the comma to a dot - OR - save using a ; (semicolon) as delimiter. CDD does recognize ; as delimiter in a CSV file as well! BUT: in the latter case, numbers have to use the comma , for decimal. Select Region and Language. Click on Formats Tab. Click on Additional Settings. Locate the List separator. Change the Decimal separator from a full stop (.) to a comma (,) Then click on Apply then Ok. Under the Formats Tab click on Apply then Ok. Test the Excel import again. NB: If it does not work, try rebooting the machine, and test again For Mac OS version 10.10.1, please follow these instructions: Close the Excel application. Click on the Apple button. Select System Preferences. Select Language and Region. Click Advanced. Change the Decimal separator from a comma (,) to a full stop (.) Then click on Ok/Save. Test the Excel import again Convert Comma Separated List to Column. auto-copied to your clipboard. If you like this tool Tweet us to the world. Convert comma separated list of data into column of data instantly with this free in-browser tool

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Surfer can use comma or period as the decimal separator. You can change the settiing in in File | Options.. Click File | Options.; In the pane on the left, click User Interface.; In the pane on the right, scroll to the bottom and set the Decimal separator to Period (or Comma).; Click OK and the decimal separators will be converted throughout the program.. If the document also uses periods that have to be replaced with commas, then you would need to use Sergio's technique of first replacing all the commas with something else -- he suggests a semi-colon, but I tend to use something less common, like an ampersand-- then as above, do ten searches for periods next to numbers, change them to commas, and then change all ampersands to periods Re: Changing the dot to a comma. You may Data->Text to Columns it using semicolon as separator and on the third step of the wizard for General in Advanced select proper decimal separator. 0 Likes. Reply. Skip to footer content

Go to Solution. Solved by Alfredo_Medina . Go to Solution. 11-05-2013 06:42 PM. 11-05-2013 06:42 PM. Manage > Project Units > choose a format for decimal symbol / digital grouping In the first one you'll change the thousands separators (the existing periods) to something other than a period or a comma. In the second one you'll change the decimal comma to a decimal point. In the third one you'll then change the neutral character you used in the first find and replace to the commas and as you can think the values could be any decimal values, so i wish that user uses the dot key as a coma for decimal input, Explain better: in the italian rules for maths the dot/period is used for separate hundreds and thousands, while the coma is used for separate the decimal from the integer value. in english is the opposite The German decimal mark standard is a comma (e.g. 1.400,50 one-thousand-fourhundred-euro-and-fifty-cent). Most apps use the US standard period. Is there a way to quickly switch the comma to a peri.. Change Comma to Dot in SAP. But my ',' on my nummeric keyboard is a '.' instead of ',' that's normal because i use a Belgium (period) keyboard layout. It's true if i change it to Belgium (comma) SAP Webi document to Excel, other values have no decimal place

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That will automatically change that property for all other styles (unless changed explicitly in a another style). Notes: If you use a dot in a language that uses a comma as a decimal separator, Calc will not recognize the input as number. The decimal sign used will change with the language Solved: hi all, want to change the format of my data, the data looks like this: 62,224 (with comma) and i want to switch to 62.224 (with dot). trie Add comma in excel between names using SUBSTITUTE function I can recall the countless times when I was given a list of names from the HR department and the last name was not separated from the first name by a comma I am checking the function with notepad and browser because I think, that there will be some additional localization changes to do in Word or Excel but I am not able to change the dot to a comma. I tried so many things, that at the moment the English keyboard settings do not react anymore when pressing the dot on the numeric pad Changing DOT in numeric pad making it behave as a COMMA for European Countries. How to change the dot in numeric pad to make it behave as a comma? When entering decimal values via the keyboard numeric keypad, is it possible to enter a comma ',' instead of a period '.' decimal point

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Excel 2010 only shows a comma after the thousands and not after millions , so 1234567 would show as 1234,567 and not 1,234,567. #,###,##0 doesn't work, none of the customs work. This was a dumb change/default NOTE: this will make it so Excel no longer correctly displays COMMA separated lists automatically. This is something I would only do temporarily to save a file using a different delimiter. Just want to fix or convert a different format ? - see Excel 2013/2016 - How to split comma separated values into column How to commas thousands to separate 3-digit numeric values in Excel. + Step 1: First, open up your Excel file => as you can see in the picture below, by default, the numeric values will be displayed in a series. + Step 2: Now you can highlight / scan select the data area containing numbers => and right click => select Format Cells

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The answer came back that A2 should contain one-hundred-and-twenty-thousand with 3 decimal places. As my customer is UK-based, the comma should be used to separate the thousands and the full-stop/period should be used to separate the decimal - i.e. 120,000.000. The next step was to replace the full-stop with a comma and the comma with a full. By default, Oracle expects a period (.) for the decimal character and a comma (,) for the thousands character. These values are often changed for localization and for some financial applications. Run the following query to see the default settings on your server. select * from NLS_DATABASE_PARAMETERS This tutorial explains the basics of the Excel number format and provides the detailed guidance to create custom formatting. You will learn how to show the required number of decimal places, change alignment or font color, display a currency symbol, round numbers by thousands, show leading zeros, and much more How to change CSV format from comma(,) delimited to pipe(|) delimited? By default, when you save an excel file to .csv, it will be save as comma seperated file. For example, you have data in excel that looks like One of the possible problems that may occur after installing Windows 10 instead of German letters in the programs, as well as in documents. More often, there is an incorrect display of the comma and decimal as it was initially set to English and not quite, but there are exceptions where it simply does not work

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Note: When Excel opens a .csv file, it uses the current default data format settings to interpret how to import each column of data.If you want more flexibility in converting columns to different data formats, you can use the Import Text Wizard. For example, the format of a data column in the .csv file may be MDY, but Excel's default data format is YMD, or you want to convert a column of. If you deal with customers or colleagues in Europe, often you may see numbers like this: 1.433.502,50 9.324,00 3,141593 When these numbers are pasted in Excel, they become text, because Excel can't understand them. Here is a simple way to convert the European numbers to regular ones. Use NUMBERVALUE() Function

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Split Comma Separated Values into Rows or Columns with Text To Columns. Assuming that you have a list of data in range B1:B5, in which contain text string separated by comma characters. And you need to split those comma-separated text string into different columns in Excel. How to do it. You can use the Text To Columns Feature to achieve the. To replace dot with comma on SELECT, you can use REPLACE (). Following is the syntax −. select replace (yourColumnName, '.' , ',' ) from yourTableName; Let us first create a table −. mysql> create table DemoTable ( Value float ); Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.63 sec) Insert records in the table using insert command − Decimal comma/point in SQLServer - how to control output. Archived Forums > Transact-SQL. The only work around would be to convert the decimal to a string and then replace '.' with ','. Marked as answer by Lauri Pietarinen Thursday, October 31, 2013 3:56 PM; Thursday,. Change the decimal to a dot, and the thousands separator to a comma. Or again, the other way around. The trick is that you tell Excel here which character is a decimal, and not what it should be. A bit confusing, eh. Click OK to leave the wizard. And, tad-aah: These look like real numbers to me. Patrick vs. Excel: 1-0. convert decimals in Excel

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how can I convert comma with decimal points for... Learn more about text file, import, decimal radix, decimal point, decimal comma, radix poin Hi im using LibreOffice in Greece. I have a problem that I dont know how on Calc : I have numbers like 123456,09 and I want to insert them into a cad program. How I can change that coma to a dot. (123456.09 correct f A CSV (comma-separated values) file is a text file that uses commas to separate values and can be opened in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, a text editor and more. There may be a time when you need to change the delimiter in order to, for example, import your file into an application Replace Commas with Spaces I have been asked to write a script to pull data from AD every week and export as a CSV. This is easy enough, the issue is that one of the fields has commas in the data and the system this CSV is being imported ignores the quotes and just sees the comma and assumes a new delimiter Comma (,) : This is the delimiter we want to use. Since in this article we are concentrating on concatenating cells with commas. TRUE : For ignoring blank cells in the range. Text_range1 : This is the range whose cells have values you want to concatenate. [Text_range2] : The other ranges if you want to join in the text with commas. Let's see an example to make things clear

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The comma is the default list separator for US - English Locale. Changing the List separator in the Windows Region settings will affect the delimiter used when opening or saving a Comma-separated value (.csv) file as Excel utilizes the Windows list separator character for the delimiter in .csv files Excel Formula Training. Formulas are the key to getting things done in Excel. In this accelerated training, you'll learn how to use formulas to manipulate text, work with dates and times, lookup values with VLOOKUP and INDEX & MATCH, count and sum with criteria, dynamically rank values, and create dynamic ranges Click Replace all to replace all of the commas in the sheet. Do note that even though commas in the numbers will be removed, at least as far as the data is concerned, this won't change the display

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I need to change this number for example 52253580000 into this number for example 52.2535.8000.00 The full stops are after 2 digits then 4 digits then 4 digits then 2 digits Is there a way of doinf this as i have 3000 odd lines to convert Thanks in advance Derek You specify a total of 12 digits (2+4+4+2) but your example is only 11. Wa Click Customize/Additional settings (Windows 10) Type a comma into the 'List separator' box (,) Click 'OK' twice to confirm the change; Note: This only works if the 'Decimal symbol' is also not a comma. If you do not want to change this setting, there is another method to opening comma delimited files below. MacOS. Go to System Preference